Xi'an universities and institutes (2023)

Xi'an has many famous universities, institutes and academies. The campuses are mostly located in the townships of the universities. Yanta and Beilin University Township north of downtown is the oldest. Chang'an University Township in the city's southern suburbs is newly built and home to many new campuses. It's a little far from the city center; However, there are many bus routes that run regularly between the campuses and the city.

Xi'an Jiaotong University

Website: http://en.xjtu.edu.cn/

Xi'an universities and institutes (1)

Also known as Nanyang Public University, it was founded in Shanghai in 1896. The university received its current name in 1959. Presently, it has developed into an institution that focuses on science and technology and many subjects such as engineering medicine, economics, management, arts and law. It cooperates internationally with 145 universities and research institutions from 42 countries worldwide. Today it has over 30,108 students, including 12,848 doctoral and masters students.

Xingqing-Campus: Nr. 28, Xianning West Road, Bezirk Beilin

Transportation: Take bus number 7, 33, 34, 45, 48, 228, 237, 240, 313, 401, 408, 508, 512, 517, 525, 602, 607, 612 or 702

Yanta-Campus: Nr. 74, FreedomwestStreet, Bezirk Yanta

Transport: Take buses 19, 30, 36, 215, 229, 239, 323, 401, 407, 408, 503, 600, K600, 603, K605, K618, K631, 704, 710, 720 or Education Special lines

Campus Qujiang: Nr. 99, Yanxiang Road, Bezirk Qujiang

Transportation: Take bus #25, 45, 48, 521, 525, 903

iHarbor Campus: Fengxi New City, Xixian New District

Transportation: Subway Line No.5

Northwest Polytechnic University (NPU)


Xi'an universities and institutes (2)

Established in Hanzhong in 1938, it was originally known as the State Northwest Institute of Engineering. It was moved to Xi'an in October 1957 and combined with the Xi'an Institute of Aeronautics and the East China Institute of Aeronautics. It was officially renamed Northwestern Polytechnical University in 1957. It currently has 28,363 students, including 170 international students. The NPU covers a total area of ​​about 840 acres, of which the Youyi campus has about 198 acres and the Chang'an campus has about 642 acres. It is rapidly and comprehensively developing international cooperative relationships, and has already established relationships with more than a hundred universities and research institutes from dozens of countries.

Youyi-Campus: 172, YouyiwestStreet, Distrikt Beilin

Transport: Take bus number 10, 24, 29, 40, 43, 106, 107, 201, 206, 322, 402, 502, 503, 512, 518, 700 or 707

Campus Chang’an: Fengyukou, Distrikt Chang’an

(Video) Xi'an Jiaotong University Official video for Foreign Students

Transportation: Take bus #916 or 4-08.

Northwest University (NWU)


Xi'an universities and institutes (3)

Located in the famous ancient Chinese capital of Xi'an, it was originally founded in 1902 as Shaanxi College. The NWU adopted its current name in 1929. There are more than 26,000 students here, including more than 6,600 PhD students and more than 900 international students. It attaches great importance to international exchange and cooperation and has established cooperative relationships with almost 90 universities and research institutions from more than ten countries. NWU has three campuses totaling approximately 389 acres.

North Campus: No. 229, Taibai North Road, Beilin District

Transport: Take bus number 10, 16, 205, 206, 21, 311, 402, 504, 506, 521, 604, 720, 722, 900 or K631

Campus Chang’an: Nr. 1, Xuefu Dadao, Distrikt Chang’an

Transportation: Take bus No. 311, 321, 324, K600 or Waiyuan Special Line

Taoyuan-Campus: Nr. 15, GaoxinNordenStreet, Bezirk Gaoxin

Transport: Take bus number 10, 28, 40, 107, 210, 211, 217, 219, 220, 251 or 324.

Xi’an International Studies University (XISU)


Xi'an universities and institutes (4)

Established in 1952, it was originally known as Northwest Russian College. It is the only university in Northwest China that offers a full range of foreign language programs. It received its current name in 2006 after approval by the Ministry of Education. XISU has developed broad international academic cooperation and established cooperative relationships with 118 foreign universities and educational institutions. It has run "two-campus" programs with 77 universities in 21 countries, including Australia, Japan, France, Spain and Canada, to educate undergraduate and postgraduate students. It has two campuses: Yanta Campus and Chang'an Campus.

Yanta Campus: No.437 Chang'an South Road, Bezirk Yanta

Transport: Take bus number 19, 44, 215, 217, 229, 239, 323, 408, 504, 527, 600, K600, 603, K631 or 704

Chang’an Campus: Nr. 1 WenyuanMilkStreet, Distrikt Chang'an

Transport: Take bus number 311, 321 or K600.

Xi’an University of Electronic Science and Technology


(Video) Xi'an International University 2020

Xi'an universities and institutes (5)

It was founded in 1931 and received its current name in 1988. There are currently more than 30,000 students, including over 1,600 doctoral students and 7,600 master's students. In recent years, Xidian has accelerated its pace of internationalization by establishing cooperative relationships and conducting academic cooperation and exchanges with over 100 universities and institutions in more than 40 countries. It has two campuses with a total area of ​​about 659 acres: Northern Campus and Chang'an Campus.

North Campus: No. 2, TaibaiMilkStreet

Transport: Take bus number 6, 35, 106, 205, 216, 308, 311, 506, 604, 608, 721 or 900,

Chang'an Campus: Guodu Intersection, Chang'an District

Transport: Take the number 204, 220, 311, 313, 322 or 716 bus.

Chang'an University


Xi'an universities and institutes (6)

There are currently more than 29,000 full-time students, including doctoral, postgraduate and more than 6,000 foreign students. So far, Chang'an University has over 130,000 graduates in various fields. It began enrolling foreign students in 1956 and has educated more than 1,000 students from over 20 countries. It has established communication and cooperation with 110 universities and research institutes from more than 40 countries.

Main Campus: 2nd Ring South Road, Beilin District

Yanta Campus: N0.126, Yanta North Road, Bezirk Yanta

Transportation: Bus No. 5, 19, 21, 22, 23, 24, 27, 30, 34, 41, 44, 224, 237, 242, 400, 401, 408, 500, 501, 521, 526, 527, 601 , 606, 609, 701 or 715.

Weishui-Campus: Nr. 356, Changda South Road, Weiyang Bezirk

Transportation: Take bus number 214, 518, 900 or 901

Shaanxi Normal University (SNNU)


Xi'an universities and institutes (7)

Established in 1944, it was formerly known as Shaanxi Provincial Teachers College and received its current name in 1960. Known for its cultural history, it covers an area of ​​more than 445 acres. It has two campuses including Yanta Campus and Chang'an Campus. More than 50,000 students are enrolled at the university, including 325 foreign students. It actively establishes international cooperation and exchange programs and has established relationships with 60 universities from more than ten countries, including America, Britain, France, Germany, Japan, Australia, Canada, Korea, Vietnam and Hong Kong.

Yanta Campus: Nr. 199, Chang'anMilkStreet, Bezirk Yanta

Transport: Take bus number 19, 55, 215, 217, 229, 239, 323, 408, 527, 600, K600, 603, K631 or 704.

(Video) Xi'an Jiaotong University

Chang’an Campus: Nr. 620, West Chang’an Street, Chang’an District

Transport: Take the number 321, 322, 600, K600 or 906 bus.

Northwest University of Politics and Law


Xi'an universities and institutes (8)

Located in Xi'an, a world-famous historical and cultural city, Northwest University of Political Science and Law (NWUPL) is well-known for its legal scholars and also enjoys excellent reputations in philosophy, economics, management and literature. NWUPL, recognized as a member of the Legal Alliance among the top law colleges in China and the Chang'an Alliance among the top-ranking colleges in Xi'an, is both the center of legal education and research and social science academic research in the Northwest of China. There are currently a variety of schools, including the School of Philosophy and Social Development, the School of Economics, the School of Business, the School of Criminal Law, the School of Civil and Commercial Law, the School of Economic Law, the School of Administrative Law and the School of International Law, School of Counterterrorism Law, School of Political Science and Public Administration, School of Public Safety, School of Foreign Languages, School of Journalism and Communication, School of Marxism and School of International Education.

Yanta Campus: Nr. 300, Chang'anMilkStreet, Bezirk Yanta

Chang’an Campus: Weiguo Road Middle Section, Chang’an District

Xi'an University of Posts and Telecommunications


Xi'an universities and institutes (9)

The Xi'an University of Posts and Telecommunications (XUPT) is co-designed and implemented by the People's Government of Shaanxi Province and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.The university is located in Xi'an, a historical city in northwest China famous for its great ancient culture. Founded in 1950, XUPT gradually developed into a polytechnic university majoring in engineering and specializing in information science technology. This regime of engineering specialization was accomplished by integrating the disciplines of engineering, management, science, economics, humanities, law and arts.The university covers a total of 247 acres and currently has 18,000 full-time students.

Yanta Campus: Nr. 563, Chang’anMilkStreet, Bezirk Yanta

Chang’an Campus: Weiguo Road Middle Section, Chang’an District

Xi'an University of Architecture and Technology


Xi'an universities and institutes (10)

Address: No. 13, YantaStreet, Bezirk Yanta

Xi’an University of Science and Technology


Xi'an universities and institutes (11)

(Video) Here's everything you need to know about Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University

Yanta Campus: Nr. 58, Yanta MitteStreet, Bezirk Yanta

Lintong-Campus: Nr. 48, Shangu Dadao, Bezirk Lintong



Xi'an universities and institutes (12)

Xi'an Shiyou University (XSYU) is a unique multidisciplinary university in northwest China, excelling in petroleum and petrochemical engineering. As the study demonstration base of Chinese government scholarships for foreign students in China, XSYU has the independent matriculation right for foreign students. And XSYU is qualified as the first innovation base of provincial Shaanxi postdoctoral students as well as authorized doctoral institution.

XSYU was founded in 1951 as Northwest Petroleum Technical School and expanded to Xi'an Petroleum Institute in 1958. In 1969 it was converted into a factory and rebuilt in 1980. In 2003, it was renamed Xi'an Shiyou University.

The university has three campuses, Yanta campus in Xi'an High-Tech Industrial Development Zone Electronic Industrial Park, Mingde campus in Xi'an Zhangba East Road, Huyi campus in Xi'an Fengjing Industrial Park of the Huyi district. XSYU covers an area of ​​2,078 acres with total fixed assets of 2.808 billion yuan and total endowment of 603 million yuan.

Address: No. 18, Dianzi 2ndStreetEastern Section, Yanta District

Xi'an Technological University


Xi'an universities and institutes (13)

Jinhua-Campus: Nr. 4, JinhuaNordenRoad, Beilin District

Yanta-Campus: Nr. 119, XiaozhaiwestStreet, Bezirk Yanta

Weiyang-Campus: Nr. 2, Xuefu Mitte Street, Bezirk Weiyang

Xi'an University of Finance and Economics (XAUFE)


Xi'an universities and institutes (14)

Yanta Campus: Nr. 105, Cuihua Road, Bezirk Yanta

Chang’an-Campus: Nr. 2, WeichangStreet, Distrikt Chang'an

Huamei-Campus: Duling East Street, Distrikt Chang'an

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