World Of Warcraft: Dragonflight - Job Treasure Location Guide (2023)

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Here's where you'll find every piece of Profession Treasure in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight.

World Of Warcraft: Dragonflight - Job Treasure Location Guide (1)

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While you travel World of Warcraft: Dragon Flight, you may come across certain unique treasures that can earn you precious vocational knowledge points. These points are crucial for expanding your crafting skills, and with a weekly limit limiting your knowledge gain, it can be very difficult to get to. Each profession has multiple one-time items that will earn you three points per treasure, so if you're looking to improve your crafting skills, you'll definitely want to track them down.

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This guide will show you the location of each Professional Treasure in the Dragon Islands. Not all professions have the same amount to find, but with certain treasures requiring a special unlocking method, it pays to know the ins and outs of this system.



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Alchemy Profession Treasures

World Of Warcraft: Dragonflight - Job Treasure Location Guide (2)

Item name




Canteen with suspicious water


79, 83

Inside theelementary cave. Found in a bottle with the dead Scout.

Tasty Candy


55, 30

Reward for completing theMysterious cauldronevent. Find threeThrown toysaround the camp, dropping each in a colored cauldron.

Contraband brew


59, 38

Found near theAlgeth'ar Academyentrance, between some bushes next to the floating book.

Experimental decay sample

The Azure span

16, 38

Located in the uninstalled version ofEagle skin hollow. Found in a large green cauldron and guarded by many elite enemies.

Sample of fire water powder

The Azure span

67, 13

Outside a log cabin next to a pink vase.

Frostforged potion

The awake shores

55, 81

Floating in the air next to a stone altar.

Well insulated mug

The awake shores

25, 73

Large mug found on top of a stone plinth, among multiple elites.

Forging Profession Estimate

World Of Warcraft: Dragonflight - Job Treasure Location Guide (3)

Item name




Ancient spear shards


81, 37

Inside theShale giantcave.

Falconer Gauntlet Drawings


50, 66

Found in the hut on the island in the sea.

Draconian Flux


52, 80

Inside theQuicksandarea, standing on the ledge of the forge in the tower.

Enchanted Tang

The Azure span

53, 65

Behind oneBrick wall, so mine it or die and resurrect in the cave.

Oud monument

The awake shores

22, 87

Defeat the four nearbyEnchanted strongholdsto make the sword clickable.

Curious Ingots

The awake shores

65, 25

Stacked next to the blacksmith shop.

Shine of forging wisdom

The awake shores

56, 19

Craft a Blacksmithing item with the Forge and the Sparkle will appear in the nearby Slack Tub.

Molten bar

The awake shores

35, 64

Click on the three orange bars next to the lava river. This will spawn an enemy, which will spawn a chest upon defeat.


The awake shores

34, 67

Notes lying on an anvil.

Enchanting career treasures

World Of Warcraft: Dragonflight - Job Treasure Location Guide (4)
(Video) ALL Inscription Profession Knowledge Treasures in Dragonflight! | World of Warcraft Dragonflight

Some enchanting treasures require thatdisappointthe item to earn the knowledge points.

Item name




Stormbound Horn


61, 67

Lying on the floor next to some pink flowers.

Broken Titanic Sphere


59, 70

Just behind the left pillar.

Enriched earthen shard

The Azure span

21, 45

Can be tricky to find and requires touching the mountain to spawn.

Vaguely enchanted remains

The Azure span

45, 61

Click on the purpleMana-starved crystal clusterto spawn an enemy. Defeat the elemental to loot the treasure.

Forgotten Arcane Tome

The Azure span

38, 59

Inside the tower containing theForgotten Creationrare.

Enchanted debris

The awake shores

57, 58

Click theDisappointed broomand follow it to the location of the treasure.

Scroll Flashfrozen

The awake shores

57, 83

Floating next to a stone altar in the frozen area.

Lava infused seed

The awake shores

68, 26

Inside a red flower next to the lava.

OfScroll Flashfrozenis currently being tapped, and it is very unlikely that it willbe interactive. To use the Scroll you have to go toSettings > Controland check the "Enable interaction key". Then navigate toShortcuts > Targeting, and key bindingInteraction with target. Use this keybind when next to the Scroll and you should receive the item.

Estimates of engineering professions

World Of Warcraft: Dragonflight - Job Treasure Location Guide (5)

Item name




Boomthyr rocket

The awake shores

56, 44

You need to collect four items mentioned in the nearby message:

  • As: In small heaps in the back of the rocket space.
  • Boom dampen: In the large round building across the square.
  • Space-grade draconium: In the large round building across the square.
  • Durable crystal: In the large round building across the square.

After that you can interact with the rocket.

Intact coil capacitor

The awake shores

49, 77

Found in theDisabled Tesla Coil, which can be activated by clicking on three nearby land mines.

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Inscription profession estimate

World Of Warcraft: Dragonflight - Job Treasure Location Guide (6)

Item name




Sign language reference sheet


85, 25

Nailed to the entrance of a large tent.

Counterfeit Darkmoon Deck


56, 40

To talk withSiennagosaand then click the cards in order, from ace through eight.

Tome of the forgetful pupil


56, 41

On the table by the telescope.

Tome of the forgetful pupil


47, 40

Click theCurious glyphphase. Cross the bridge, kill and loot theConfusion manifest, before returning to the Glyph.

Dusty Darkmoon card

The Azure span

46, 23

On the top floor of theCobalt montagebuilding.

Frosted parchment

The Azure span

43, 30

Close to severalArcane commandantenemies.

Pulsating aarde rune*

The awake shores

67, 57

Behind a small stone table, in theRescue vault ruins.

How to train your throw

From valdraken

13, 63

Into the sandboxDay Care Small Scales.

(Video) Wow, BOOST Jewelcrafting profession Knowledge with treasures and hidden masters Dragonflight!

*Get the pulsating earthen rune before you learn how to train your throw, otherwise you may run into a bug that prevents you from looting the second treasure.

Jewelcrafting Profession Treasures

World Of Warcraft: Dragonflight - Job Treasure Location Guide (7)

Item name




Fragmented key


61, 13

Under the roots of the tree in the destroyed building.

Exalted Malygite


25, 35

Floating in the air in a cave.



59, 65

Red gemstone cluster lying against the mountain.

The beautiful jewel of the painter


56, 43

Can be hard to see, but is in the vase under the plant.

Crystalline overgrowth

The Azure span

45, 61

Large purple crystal next to the river.

Harmonic Crystal Harmonizer

The Azure span

44, 61

Click on the silver key next to the chest, then click on the three crystals at:

  • 44, 61
  • 44, 60
  • 44, 61

You can then loot the chest.

Closely guarded Shiny

The awake shores

50, 45

Small blue crystal next to a beaver nest.

Clotting gem

The awake shores

33, 63

Click on the three small red crystals on the lava islands within the time limit to spawn the treasure.

Leatherworking Occupation Estimate

World Of Warcraft: Dragonflight - Job Treasure Location Guide (8)

Item name




Wind-blessed skin


86, 53

Great shelter in theShikaar Centaurkamp.

Decayed scales


56, 30

Brown suitcase in the Fetid Gnoll camp.

Decay-infused tanning oil

The Azure span

16, 38

Barrel between two Gnoll tents.

Treated hides

The Azure span

57, 41

On a table in the Snowhide Gnoll camp.

Well danced drum

The Azure span

12, 49

To talk withRaqas you approach. Then click on the drum to fix it. After I broke it again,Raqwill let you plunder the treasure.

The poacher's suit

The awake shores

39, 86

Next to andead Vulperaon the side of the river.

Spare Djaradin tools

The awake shores

64, 25

Lying by a corpse of a red dragon.

Create custom job estimates

World Of Warcraft: Dragonflight - Job Treasure Location Guide (9)

Item name




Remarkable piece of carpet


35, 40

You can stand under the slope of the hut so as not to disturb the three defending elites.

Silky surprise


66, 52

Collect fiveCatnip LeavesvanCatnip leavesaround the area. Then throw them to aPlayful hunter, which will spawn the treasure.

Old Dragonweave bolt


58, 45

Found by completing a minigame on the Loom. Connect the colored wires to the center.

Miniature Bronze Dragonflight Banner


60, 79

Lying on top of a large sand pile in theTemporary conflux.

Rotting Brackenhide blanket

The Azure span

16, 38

Hanging over a tree branch in the open air, for exampleEagle skin hollow.

Intriguing bolt of blue cloth

The Azure span

40, 54

Found on the bottom shelf of the shelves above.

Itinerant scorched dust

The awake shores

24, 69

Small piece hanging from a tree branch.

Mysterious banner

The awake shores

74, 37

You have to fly to the top of the tower.

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(Video) Alchemy Knowledge Point Locations Guide (24 Points in 5 Mins!) World of Warcraft Dragonflight


World Of Warcraft: Dragonflight - Job Treasure Location Guide? ›

Alchemy Treasures

It's in a bottle near a dead Expedition Scout in the water. North of Iskaara inside a large green cauldron among a veritable swarm of gnoll trash, with an elite on top of it. Best approach is from the ridge just to the north, behind a couple of tents, around /way 16.3 37.5.

Where are the alchemy treasures in Dragonflight? ›

Alchemy Treasures

It's in a bottle near a dead Expedition Scout in the water. North of Iskaara inside a large green cauldron among a veritable swarm of gnoll trash, with an elite on top of it. Best approach is from the ridge just to the north, behind a couple of tents, around /way 16.3 37.5.

Where is the leatherworking treasure in Dragonflight? ›

Leatherworking Profession Treasures

Large hide inside the Shikaar Centaur camp. Brown bag within the Fetid Gnoll camp. Barrel between two Gnoll tents. On a table inside the Snowhide Gnoll camp.

Where do I spend Dragonflight resources? ›

You can turn in the collected Dragon Isles Artefacts to Cataloger Jakes at Dragonscale Basecamp in the Waking Shores. The NPC is at coordinates 47.0 82.6.

What are treasures of the Dragon Isles? ›

Comment by varenne
1Golden Dragon GobletRequires Archeologist Artifact Notes
2Ruby Gem ClusterGlimmering Alexstraszite Cluster
3Dead Man's ChestplateInside the tower. Middle level
4Misty Treasure ChestIn the waterfall, entrance at handhold
26 more rows

How do you farm copper coins in Dragonflight? ›

Fish around in any open water you find, and you will eventually yield enough copper coins for your desired quest. There are also very rare schools called Treasure Schools, which will have a higher chance of giving you copper coins. Silver and gold coins can also be found, but the chances are significantly lower.

What is rare loot in Dragonflight? ›

All super rare drops in WoW Dragonflight
  • Rohzor Forgesmash – /way 25.0, 61.6.
  • Turboris – /way 33.6, 55.6.
  • Battlehorn Pyrhus – /way 28.6, 58.8.
  • Cauldronbearer Blakor – /way 30.6, 56.2.
  • Char – /way 30.8, 51.6.
  • Captain Lancer – /way 26.8, 76.0.
  • Enkine the Voracious – /way 21.60, 64.78 (summoned mob)
Jan 11, 2023

Where do you farm gear in Dragonflight? ›

Mythic+ Dungeons

The main source of gear for many players. Item level of rewards scales with key level. The higher key you run, the better rewards you get at the end of the dungeon and from the weekly chest. It has no lockouts, so Mythic+ can be farmed repeatedly.

Where is the mythic chest in Dragonflight? ›

Your Great Vault weekly chest in Dragonflight is located in the bank in Valdrakken at /way 58.5 57.0.

How do you get loot from the Great Vault in Dragonflight? ›

The Great Vault: Raid Objectives in Dragonflight
  1. Defeat 3 Raid Bosses to add one piece of loot to your Great Vault.
  2. Defeat 5 Raid Bosses to add two pieces of loot to your Great Vault.
  3. Defeat 7 Raid Bosses to add three pieces of loot to your Great Vault.
May 9, 2023

What should I spend my valor on Dragonflight? ›

How Much Valor Does It Cost To Upgrade Each Item?
Valor Upgrade CostArmor Slots
400 ValorShoulders, Gloves, Belts, Boots, Trinkets
475 ValorHelms, Chests, Legs
500 ValorOne-Handed Agility Weapons, One-Handed Strength Weapons
750 ValorOne-Handed Intellect Weapons
2 more rows
Dec 23, 2022

What to spend gold on Dragonflight? ›

What Can You Do With World of Warcraft Dragonflight Gold?
  1. Pre-Raid Items.
  2. Leveling Materials.
  3. Crafting Materials.
  4. Mounts.
  5. Pets.
  6. Cosmetics.
  7. Consumables for Buffs.
  8. Item Repairs.
Feb 20, 2023

What should I do daily in Dragonflight? ›

World Of Warcraft: Dragonflight - 10 Things To Do Daily After You Reach Max Level
  1. 10 Complete The Campaign.
  2. 9 Gear Up.
  3. 8 Work On Your Professions.
  4. 7 Earn Renown.
  5. 6 Achievement Hunting.
  6. 5 Expand Your Wardrobe.
  7. 4 Collect Mounts And Pets.
  8. 3 Fight For Honor.
Jan 3, 2023

What do they do with the dragons treasure? ›

After Beowulf slays the dragon, he gives orders for Wiglaf to bring the dragon's treasure out where Beowulf can see it, because his "going will be easier/for having seen the treasure, a less troubled letting-go/of the life and lordship I have long maintained." After Beowulf's death, the majority of the treasure goes to ...

What are the gems called in Dragonflight? ›

Primalist Gems. These gems are the pinnacle of each Elemental cut - providing Main Stat as well as Secondary, depending on which element is used while crafting.

How many dragon glyphs are there in Dragonflight? ›

There are a total of 64 Glyphs all around the Dragon Isles, split between The Waking Shores, Ohn'ahran Plains, The Azure Span, Thaldraszus, The Forbidden Reach and Zaralek Cavern.

What is the best area to mine in Dragonflight? ›

With this in mind, players should stick to farming The Waking Shores, The Ohn'ahran Plains, and The Azure Span. The starting location for the Dragonflight expansion, The Waking Shores, still contains plenty of ore to be dug up. The greatest areas are in the northeast of the map, and across the center.

What is the easiest profession to make gold Dragonflight? ›

Because of the revamped auction house in Dragonflight, crafting professions have gone up to first place on this list because of how much gold you can make just by crafting equipment and weapons and then selling them for a profit.

What is the secret mount in Dragonflight? ›

Otto the Ottuk was a secret mount added in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight and players have discovered how to get him. This oversized otter is perfect for fans of the Tuskarr, or those who simply enjoy collecting mounts.

Is there a legendary item in Dragonflight? ›

With the defeat of Sarkareth in Mythic Aberrus, World of Warcraft reveals the first Legendary weapon for the new Evoker class. A player in World of Warcraft has claimed the first Evoker Legendary weapon in Dragonflight.

What will be unobtainable in Dragonflight? ›

the veilstrider title will be unobtainable. For reference, here's the Wowhead guide for it.

What is rare in Thaldraszus? ›

The Great Shellkhan rare mob can be found in Thaldraszus. This is a tricky one rare mob to trigger. First, you will need to collect Case of Fresh Gleamfish in The Azure Span at 45.62 54.84. Travel then to Thaldraszus to the provided coordinates and talk to Patient Vaargo.

What is the best route farm Dragonflight? ›

Best Herbalism Farming Routes
  • Waking Shores.
  • Ohn'ahran Plains.
  • Azure Span.
  • Ohn'ahran Plains.
May 12, 2023

What is the best neck in Dragonflight? ›

The Elemental Lariat is likely the most powerful neck slot in all of World of Warcraft: Dragonflight right now. It could potentially stay that way for a significant period of time, so it's worth investing time and money into.

How do you increase your Ilvl fast in Dragonflight? ›

Earn Mythic Plus Gear in Dragonflight Season 1 Dungeons

The higher level of the mythic+ keystone you've got, the higher item level of the gear piece you will get in the end of the mythic plus dungeon run, plus the Great Vault drops items with even higher ilvl.

Is there a mythic vault in Dragonflight? ›

The Great Vault in Dragonflight provides players with one piece of equipment every week. Items can be added to the Great Vault by completing Mythic Dungeons, killing raid bosses, and from PvP.

What is the easiest mythic dungeon in Dragonflight? ›

1) Shadowmoon Burial Grounds

Unquestionably, the easiest dungeon in Dragonflight season one is Shadowmoon Burial Grounds.

Can you unlock flying in Dragonflight? ›

After completing the first two chapters of the campaign in the Waking Shores, riders can unlock Dragonriding. Alexstraza the Life-Binder can be found at the Ruby Lifeshrine around level 61. They will be able to study Dragonriding and begin flying there.

How to farm gold without Dragonflight? ›

Farm old Battle Pets, level them to 25, then put them in a cage and sell them on the Auction House. You can do this even as a low level character.

Can you have personal loot in Dragonflight? ›

Dragonflight is ditching personal loot for the old need/greed group loot system. Group Loot: While inside Vault of the Incarnates, Group Loot will be the only method of loot distribution. There is no option to select for yourself or your group to return to Personal Loot.

How to do mythics in Dragonflight? ›

Set your Dungeon Difficulty to Mythic: Right click your Character Portrait, scroll to Dungeon Difficulty, and select Mythic.

What is the best spec to level in Dragonflight? ›

Out of all three Rogue specs we recommend Subtlety as the best choice for leveling. It offers the best single-target burst damage and allows you to dispatch enemies within only a few seconds, jumping from enemy to enemy in quick succession.

What happens once you hit 70 in Dragonflight? ›

Complete the Dragonflight Campaign

If you have reached Level 70 but have not completed the Dragonflight campaign yet, make sure to finish it because it grants access to essential parts of the game. Namely, World Quests, Renown, and Adventure Mode for alts.

What are the best jobs for Dragonflight? ›

World Of Warcraft: Dragonflight - 8 Most Useful Profession Specializations For Endgame
  1. 1 Potion Or Phial Mastery - Alchemy.
  2. 2 Mechanical Mind - Engineering. ...
  3. 3 Consumables - Leatherworking. ...
  4. 4 Enchantment - Enchanting. ...
  5. 5 Cooking. ...
  6. 6 Faceting - Jewelcrafting. ...
  7. 7 Archiving - Inscription. ...
  8. 8 Textiles - Tailoring. ...
Jan 14, 2023

What is the best profession for a hunter in Dragonflight? ›

Ideally, as a Hunter, Skinning and Leatherworking should be your two primary professions, and as you quest, you'll be doing plenty of Skinning. Thus, you can easily craft up some Mail gear as you level, but don't worry too much about Item Level, at least not until you're level 70.

What is the best mining specialization in Dragonflight for money? ›

While Metallurgy and Mastering the Elements are great, the best Mining specialization in Dragonflight is Mining Process—at least in the beginning. Not only will you be able to mine more ore and increase your mining speed, but you can save time by mining while you're mounted.

Is skinning profitable Dragonflight? ›

Skinning is not just a profitable yet exciting profession to master. It has received massive updates with the Dragonflight expansion release.

What is the easiest class to play in Dragonflight? ›

Hunter: Hunters are a ranged DPS class that are great for beginners due to their simplicity and versatility. They have a wide range of abilities that allow them to deal damage from a distance, control the battlefield, and even heal their pets.

How many hours to get to 70 Dragonflight? ›

How Long Does It Take to Reach Level 70 in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight? It will take you anywhere from two to 15 hours to reach Level 70 in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight.

What is the best dungeon in Dragonflight WoW? ›

Best Dungeons in World of Warcraft Dragonflight
  • The Azure Vault. The Azure Vault Mythic Dungeon Guide. ...
  • Shadowmoon Burial Grounds. Shadowmoon Burial Grounds Guide in Dragonflight (2022) ...
  • Ruby Life Pools. Ruby Life Pools Mythic Dungeon Guide. ...
  • Algeth'ar Academy. Algeth'ar Academy Mythic Dungeon Guide.
Mar 20, 2023

When the dragon wakes what is missing from his treasure? ›

When the dragon awoke it knew its treasure had been touched, that the gold cup was gone. It sniffed about until it found a footprint, and the trail leading down to the dwellings of men. That footprint was enough to start a feud. Night falls and the dragon comes forth flaming to rain fire and terror on Beowulf's people.

Where is the buried treasure on Dragon Beach? ›

After retrieving the Washed Ashore Treasure Map from Alberich Island, head for the South end of Dragon Beach and dock the boat on the shore. The Buried Treasure will be glowing on your right, close to the giant skeleton in the water.

What do you get for killing dragons? ›

What do you get for killing dragons? You get a lot of runes for leveling up, and a Dragon Heart. Dragon Hearts are an interesting item: They are almost completely useless in the game unless you are working on an incantations build.

What is the best healing flask in Dragonflight? ›

Holy Priest Health Potions in Dragonflight

The best healing potion for Holy Priests is Refreshing Healing Potion.

What is the best phial for healers Dragonflight? ›

Phial of Static Empowerment: Best option if you can stay still or benefit from the movement effect. Iced Phial of Corrupting Rage: Best option for fights where you take low damage, or you can avoid said damage. Phial of Glacial Fury: Best option for AoE or Mythic+. Phial of Elemental Chaos: Useful in all scenarios.

What is rare addon for Dragonflight? ›

RareTrackerDragonflight (RTD) is an addon that allows users to track and share rare spawn timers for rares added in the Dragonflight expansion.

Can you get different dragons in Dragonflight? ›

There are four different dragon mount species you can unlock in Dragonflight. These updated models do resemble mounts previously available in the game. However, they have unique touches to them. Each of these dragon mounts is unlocked through levelling within the Dragon Isles.

What is the max character limit in Dragonflight? ›

Maximum Characters Per Account Limit Increased to 60 in Dragonflight Pre-Patch.

What is the max level at Dragonflight? ›

You can enter the Dragon Isles at level 58

If you have a lower-level character, you'll be introduced to the new upper limit level cap right away. You can only enter the Dragon Isles (the expansion area) at level 58, working your way from 58 to the new cap of 70.

How do you get more Alchemy skill in Dragonflight? ›

Increasing your skill in Dragonflight is done by crafting items that grant skill points as usual, and in order to be efficient, we recommend trying to get as many first-craft bonuses while leveling Alchemy as possible (which also grant experience if you are not at maximum level), and also to get your Alchemy research ...

Where is the Alchemy trainer Dragonflight? ›

The first alchemy trainer in the Dragon Isles is located in the Wingrest Embassy, allowing players to start increasing their alchemy level right away. The second alchemy trainer is Zherrak, who is located at the Ruby Life Pools in the Waking Shores.

Where is the Alchemy master in Dragonflight? ›

Alchemy – Waking Shores

He can be found near the entrance to the Ruby Life Pools dungeon. Speaking with him will give you 5 Alchemy Profession Knowledge and 25 Artisan's Mettle!

Where to find Dragonflight enchanting recipes? ›

Enchanting Recipe Sources in Dragonflight
  1. Trainers - the recipe can be learned and unlocked by purchasing it with gold from the Enchanting Trainer.
  2. Renown - the recipe can be learned and unlocked by purchasing it from a specific Faction's Quartermaster after meeting it's Renown requirement.
Apr 28, 2023

What is the most efficient way to level in Dragonflight? ›

When it comes to leveling up in World of Warcraft's Dragonflight, there are several options available. However, one of the fastest and most efficient ways to level up your character is through dungeon leveling in a group of five players.

What is the best phial in Dragonflight? ›

Devastation Evoker Phials in Dragonflight

Overall the best phial for Devastation Evokers is Iced Phial of Corrupting Rage, but it comes with a damage taken downside. Phial of Tepid Versatility is a decent alternative without a downside and provides a damage taken decrease.

Which Alchemy mastery is best Dragonflight? ›

Best alchemy specializations in Dragonflight, explained

In Potion Mastery, you can gain bonuses for consuming Dragon Isles Potions, such as increased healing or movement speed. Potion Mastery also improves your alchemy skills and grants crafting skills, multicraft, resourcefulness, and inspiration.

How do you get Otto in Dragonflight? ›

Once you've finished filling the barrel, head back to the Hissing Grotto and place the barrel where you found it. Otto will show up and you'll be able to complete his quest, The Way to an Otto's Heart, which rewards the Otto mount.

How good is Alchemy in Dragonflight? ›

The tendency has not changed much in the Dragonflight expansion. It still remains one of the major professions and is highly popular among those who wish to sell consumables and earn gold in return. Mastering Alchemy is not only profitable in terms of money, but you will also be extremely helpful to others around you.

Where is the custom dragon in Dragonflight? ›

To customise your dragon mount, you'll need to go to the customisation platforms — the Rostrums of Transformation. All you need to do is get close enough to interact, and you'll open the dragon customisation screen. There are also quests available from dragonriding trainers where they'll teach you about customisation.

Where do you farm ore in Dragonflight? ›

With this in mind, players should stick to farming The Waking Shores, The Ohn'ahran Plains, and The Azure Span. The starting location for the Dragonflight expansion, The Waking Shores, still contains plenty of ore to be dug up. The greatest areas are in the northeast of the map, and across the center.

Which tank to play in Dragonflight? ›

Blood Death Knight

Death Knights will always be the best tank at sustaining and requiring 0 healing attention, making it great for those who don't want to rely on the group or healer to survive. The tier sets does very little with fixing the major problems Death Knight has and doesn't really change how they play.

Where do Dragonflight recipes drop? ›

The Draconic Recipe in a Bottle can be looted from Massive Threshers or Gigantic Threshers at around a 0.2% drop rate.

How do you get items in Dragonflight set? ›

Tier gear in Dragonflight is obtainable through any source, as all season-relevant gear can be transformed into a tier set piece at the Revival Catalyst. Gear from Mythic+ dungeons, raids, and the open world can all be transformed at the Revival Catalyst to turn it into a set piece.

How do you get enchanting to 100 in Dragonflight? ›

In Dragonflight, you cannot level your profession to max easily like in previous expansions. For Enchanting, you will only be able to reach skill 55/100 with just vendor-learned recipes. You will be required to farm renown or use knowledge points towards other recipes in order to fully max out your skill to 100/100.


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