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Kirsten from Charleston, SCVerified Reviewer

Solution Response: November 12, 2022

Thank you - someone was able to cancel my order, which I really appreciate!

Original review: November 11, 2022

I found the perfect cut for my new apartment in West Elm and was very excited to place my order. I ordered it on September 3rd, with a move-in date of October 10th. Plenty of time, I thought anyway. On September 30th my order was ready and shipped. Yay! So far, so good. Unfortunately, that was the last good news. My original delivery window (October 13-29) has come and gone since then. I have a new shipping window of October 31st to November 18th and after speaking to the warehouse I was told they don't know where my cut is. I've spent hours on the phone with customer service over the past month trying to locate the section. West Elm will say it's ready for delivery and then the delivery center will say they don't have it. It's really frustrating.

The latest update on my account is that the section was sent out on September 30th. So it was sent over a month ago and it's... somewhere, but we don't know where. I received an email from customer service on November 3rd that the section will open on 10/29. was at the hub but has not yet been unloaded due to staff shortages. In the same email, the representative said that I should expect an email with an update from Delivery Hub within 3-5 days. I haven't heard from the delivery center and now customer service calls back to say that after a month (!!!) the part hasn't even arrived at the center.

I'm so confused and frustrated and I don't understand how they can't know where my cut is. It's also concerning that Welst Elm continues to mislead customers with delivery times. Ironically, if I were to go to West Elm's website now and order the exact same couch, it has an estimated delivery date of 4-5 is that possible when my order, which was placed in September, hasn't even come yet is expected within a month?

I understand delays but these should be communicated to customers in advance. If I order a couch in September and you tell me it will be delivered by October 29th, I expect to have it by then, or at least know where I am at. It's November now and nobody knows where my $4000 section is. This is worrying. The section has been a big investment for me and it is not fair to me as a customer not to have clear/consistent information on their status. I wish I had read the reviews for West Elm before trusting them with such a large purchase. No matter how cute the cut looks, I would heartily recommend you shop elsewhere. At this point I'm trying to get a refund so I can place an order elsewhere. Fingers crossed!

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Helen of Natick, MAVerified ReviewerVerified buyer

Original review: November 11, 2022

We bought a bedroom set from West Elm in August. We still haven't received the whole set. They bring it in drop and drop. They make appointments and then cancel them. The suppliers are rude. We were willing to tip them but then they were so obnoxious that we didn't. We paid for our furniture to be assembled but they were unwilling to assemble parts that came separately. I would never order from West Elm again. When you call to arrange a delivery appointment, you are transferred from one operator to another and then disconnected. I'm currently on hold. It's an absolute nightmare! Find your furniture elsewhere.

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Amy von Barnstable, MAVerified Reviewer

Original review: November 11, 2022

I bought the Harris sofa at the end of August and although it arrived in October as planned, the fabric is terrible. I didn't order a sample but relied on the description on the website which says in part "Versatile chenille tweed has a soft texture...". This fabric is the opposite of soft. It's rough and scratchy. I am very disappointed and the sofa cannot be returned as it was made to order. And it wasn't cheap. Attention buyers.

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Carolina von Pasadena, CAVerified ReviewerVerified buyer

Original review: November 11, 2022

2 months late for a couch, no updates or follow up on the whole thing. I ordered the couch in JULY 2022, I finally got it YESTERDAY (Nov 2022). I have to waste a lot of time calling customer service and the delivery center repeatedly to get my order. The customer service rep told me a few weeks ago that I need to call back AFTER delivery to get some sort of compensation. I call today and they said "their policy has changed" and there would be NOTHING. So basically I'm SOL and they have $3000 of my money and all my wasted time.

Absolutely horrible company policies and horrible treatment of customers, basically lets us know they don't care and are pretty proud of it. The worst way to do business and that is from a super large company that owns several furniture chains. They believe they can survive horrible treatment from customers just because they are a big brand. Williams-Sonoma owns Pottery Barn and West Elm to name a few. Through this experience I completely lost my trust in all these brands!

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Helen of Boca Raton, FLVerified Reviewer

Original review: November 11, 2022

I bought several pieces of West Elm furniture, several items had to be taken away on delivery because they were damaged, I waited a year for a sideboard to be replaced because it was delivered very damaged. In August I ordered a sofa and ottoman, the ottoman was delivered in October, they couldn't find the sofa. I called West Elm and they told me to wait a week in case the delivery company found the sofa. A week later I called the delivery company and they had found the sofa and arranged delivery for November 11th. Yesterday I got a call from the delivery company that the sofa is missing again and they couldn't deliver.

I called West Elm customer service who apologized but couldn't help - the solution was to order another sofa with a December delivery date. I asked the agent to escalate the issue with his manager and see if they could deliver earlier, the agent called me back to say that was not possible, delivery would be on December 17th. I WILL NEVER BUY A PIECE OF WEST ELM AGAIN.

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Original review: November 11, 2022

I ordered a piece of furniture on October 2nd with a delivery window of October 8th to 22nd. I received an email confirming this. I paid for the furniture. I received an email confirming my order and delivery. No movement of my furniture in my account status window, no contact from West Elm. They are unethical in their business practices. Do not order furniture from West Elm. Their practice is false advertising and they lie repeatedly. They pay for furniture and then they sit on your money (that's hundreds of thousands of orders) which probably results in thousands of dollars in interest accumulating on your money while you wait for furniture they say they have deliver and then not. They do this for months.

The delivery time initially promised to you when you placed your order is not the delivery to you, the customer who has just paid for the furniture. Unbeknownst to you, that delivery date is to their delivery center somewhere near you, then another delivery date needs to be scheduled by them to you to finally receive the piece of furniture you ordered months ago. Unethical, misleading, false advertising, obnoxious business practices. zero integrity.

I've spent countless hours, 5 phone calls, 7 different people including a 'caregiver' whose baby was crying in the background and who was unable to provide any service. Apologies that are meaningless and they just keep doing business that way, with no accountability. I just want my furniture. West Elm just has to be responsible for the simple task of this very simple exchange... You sell furniture and say you will deliver it. I buy said furniture, but you don't deliver. Something is wrong with this company!

Response from West Elm

Hello Tara,

I am sorry for the delay that has occurred. I have sent you an email to the email address provided in your order to assist you further.

Best regards,
Dragon (Julie C.)
Social Media TeamBest regards,
Dragon (Julie C.)


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Aidin from Davenport, CAVerified Reviewer

Original review: November 11, 2022

Don't spend your money there, they sold us a dinner set in August with a delivery expectation of 2-3 weeks, it's November now and every time I call to follow up they promise me next week, items missing, order incomplete, they lie to you every time, no manager to talk to, trust me. They just hold on to your money and have no customer service. For God's sake don't waste your money and time on them.

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Frank of Thomasville, GAVerified ReviewerVerified buyer

Original review: November 10, 2022

We ordered a custom made couch on February 15, 2022. We knew there could be delays related to COVID. The first delivery was scheduled for June 8th to 24th. In August we were notified that our order had shipped and our credit card was charged. It is now 76 days later and still no product. I made several calls to customer service and escalated the last two calls to seek clarification. Customer service has tried to be helpful but seems to be hitting a wall when working with the delivery center. There is confusion as to whether all parts of my order are actually at the delivery center. The delivery center is apparently secured and nothing happens to our order.

There is a separation between customer service, warehouse and delivery center. There is no way to communicate directly with the delivery center for the customer service representatives. I have a strong suspicion that anyone replying to issues from the Delivery Center is just trying to delete their inbox. At this point I would rent a truck to get my couch, but it's not even clear if it's 100% at the delivery center. Delivery frustration aside, the real issue is that West Elm had ~$6000 of my money for 76 days and claims that my product was "shipped". Nothing was sent. It's just been moved to another warehouse...a warehouse they can't confirm actually contains my product. To add insult to injury, customer service claims the delivery center is 12 weeks late.

Believe it or not, I still want that couch. My suggested solution? I would like accurate information about where my product is and when it will be delivered. No more estimates. I want my charge to be reversed until the product leaves the fulfillment center (aka shipped). West Elm is not authorized to bill a customer for an item that has not been shipped to the customer.

Top 1,000 West Elm Reviews (9)

Morgan by Horton, othersVerified Reviewer

Original review: November 10, 2022

A bed frame and chest of drawers were ordered in Mar/22. It is now 7.5 months later. The delivery date has been postponed several times. CS says the drawers are missing parts so the whole order is delayed...

Response from West Elm

Hallo Morgan,

Thank you for reaching out. We sincerely apologize for your recent experience at West Elm. Would you please email us at with your order details and refer to your consumer affairs inquiry? We are here to help.

Angelica M.

West Elm

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Top 1,000 West Elm Reviews (10)

Ryan aus Miami Beach, FLVerified Reviewer

Original review: November 9, 2022

My wife and I ordered a pull out couch and rug in September 2022. These were in stock items with a delivery time of 2 weeks. After three weeks we still have not been contacted for a delivery date. After waiting an hour on hold, we finally got through to a customer service representative who couldn't determine where our items were or when they would be ready to ship. We had to call back several times over the next week to finally get a representative who could advise us that our items would be delayed an additional 3-4 weeks.

After not hearing from West Elm for several weeks, we called them again to arrange a delivery date for tomorrow. However, we have just received notification that our items are still "on their way" and will not be delivered. Customer service does not know where the items are and has said another 2-4 weeks. Unfortunately we were to have family visits who now have to cancel their trip because they have nowhere to sleep.

Response from West Elm

Hallo Ryan,

Thank you for reaching out. Would you please email us at with your order details and refer to your consumer affairs inquiry? We are here to help.

Kimi T.

West Elm

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