The top 20-20 potential candidates - one from each team (2023)

24 augustus 2023

The top 20-20 potential candidates - one from each team (1)

Sam Dijkstra


The top 20-20 potential candidates - one from each team (2)

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As we approach the final stages of the 2023 season, watching stats is becoming a favorite pastime in certain corners of the Minor Leagues. Who leads the lower tiers in home runs? Who will prove himself a true .300 hitter? Who can score the most strikeouts before the Summer Finals?

Some easy and fun stat races to follow in the last few weeks are the players aiming for a 20 home run, 20 steal season. In the 2022 campaign, a record 27 players surpassed the 20 mark in both categories, beating the previous best of 19 from 1982. Among the 27 were notable major league players such as Corbin Carroll, Elly De La Cruz, Anthony Volpe and Joey Wiemer.

As of Wednesday, nine players had already made 20-20 seasons in 2023: Jase Bowen, Trey Cabbage, Kenedy Corona, Isiah Gilliam, Joey Loperfido, Ronny Mauricio, Aaron Palensky, Graham Pauley and Weston Wilson. You can be sure that many more people will join that group soon.

Here's one 20-20 candidate or performer from each of baseball's 30 farming systems. (Note: For this exercise, we also count major league production towards the 20-20 threshold.)


Blue Jays: Devonte Brown, OR (Not ranked underTop 30)
The Blue Jays miss a lot of 20-20 candidates — they don't even have a 15-15 player on Wednesday — but their best shot makes for a nice story. Toronto signed Brown as an undrafted free agent from NC State last year, and the 23-year-old has blossomed in his first full season with a .249/.361/.464 line, 14 home runs and 17 steals in 78 games for High- A Vancouver. The Northwest League club is already out of its postseason, so if we have to count those games to give it another six home runs and three steals, we'll take that.

Orioles: Jud Fabian, OF (Nr. 14)
Baltimore selected the Florida product 67th overall in the 2022 Draft for his combination of power and speed, and he's already delivering on that promise in his first full professional season. Between High-A Aberdeen and Double-A Bowie, he has 19 home runs and 28 steals to his credit after falling short of the 20-20 mark four times as a Gator. Fabian has struggled to average in Double-A, but actually does better at reaching the fences (19.5 PAs per HR) than he does in High-A (26.3).

Rays: Willy Vasquez, INF (Nr. 11)
The 21-year-old has already set a career record with 16 home runs in 100 games for High-A Bowling Green, and while he's now on 16 steals, he's coming off a 2022 season where he swept 25 bags, so the speed is in him. Half of his thefts have taken place since the beginning of July, which means he's been a little more willing to raise awareness of the issue lately. It could be a race between him and fellow Hot Rod Carson Williams (19 HR, 14 SB) to reach the 20-20 plateau.

Red Sox: Ceddanne Rafaela, OF/SS (No. 3/MLB no. 77)
Rafaela has had a 21 home run and 28 steals season in 2022 between High-A Greenville and Double-A Portland, and with 35 steals already racked up in 2023 at the top two levels of the Minors, he sits just one homer removed from a repeat 20-20 campaign. The good news is that he outperforms Triple-A (13 homers, .636 SLG) than Double-A (six homers, .441 SLG), making him an even better bet for securing that one extra thinger for Worcester. set. That's pretty good for a 22-year-old whose best skill is his defense.

Yankees: Jared Serna, 2B/SS (Nr. 20)
Aaron Palensky (20 HR, 21 SB) has already hit the mark here, so we'll turn our attention to a Top 30 prospect coming in on Tuesday with a season-high 19 home runs and 24 steals between Single-A Tampa and High-A Hudson Valley. Signed four years ago for just $10,000 from Mexico, the six-foot-tall Serna has seen his might soar this summer, already more than tripling his previous record of six home runs. That said, he's still waiting for his first High-A home run after debuting on the level on August 8, but given his improvements in getting the ball off the ground, that dinger should be coming soon.


Guardians: Daniel Schneemann, INF (not ranked underTop 30)
The Cleveland system is full of hit-over-power types, so it shouldn't come as much of a shock that the organization only has two 20-homer Minor League hitters on Wednesday. Schneemann has at least a shot at a puncher with 12 home runs and 16 steals in 93 games for Triple-A Columbus. He'll have to get on his horse — especially in the strength department — but to his credit, his .522 slugging percentage and five steals in August are both season highs for individual months.

Royals: Gavin Cross, OF (number 6)
Kansas City has only three Minor Leaguers with at least 15 home runs, and those three add up to 10 steals. Even in a tough first full season, Cross was at least within screaming distance with 12 home runs and 23 steals between High-A Quad Cities and Double-A Northwest Arkansas, but he was placed on the IL on August 15 due to illness. he returns healthy, there is an outside chance of him becoming popular in the batter-friendly Texas League (which doesn't end until Sept. 17). Otherwise, the Royals lose a 20-20 player after Bobby Witt Jr. and Brewer Hicklen reached their target in 2021 and 2022 respectively.

Tigers: Parker Meadows, OR (Nr. 10)
Meadows made his major league-debut on Monday, just as he hit 19 home runs and 19 steals for Triple-A Toledo. Not that he's complaining. Detroit is expected to give the 23-year-old plenty of time, so he's a pretty safe bet to get that one missing dinger and theft, reaching 20-20 status after just missing (20) in 2022 HR, 17SB). No other Tigers Minor Leaguer even crosses the 15-15 threshold on Wednesday.

Gemini: Emmanuel Rodriguez, OR (No. 3/MLB no. 52)
After dropping just .163/.320/.357 through May when he recovered from a meniscus tear in June 2022, Rodriguez is a man on fire. In 58 games since June, he went .263/.423/.483 with 10 home runs and 12 steals to bring him to 15-15 this season. High-A Cedar Rapids has just 17 regular season games left, but it's not out of the question that one of the most accomplished players in the Minors will continue his hot hitting to complete his 20-year season.

White Sox: José Rodríguez, 2B/SS (Nr. 8)
After consecutive seasons with more than 30 steals, Rodríguez has already secured that part of the equation with 25 steals in 81 games for Double-A Birmingham. He is supplemented with 16 home runs, a new career high, beating his 14 on three levels in 2021. Power isn't exactly the 22-year-old's forte, but his pursuit could be aided by a season-ending promotion to Triple-A. Charlotte, one of the league's most batter-friendly ballparks. Since Rodríguez has already had a cup of coffee on the South Side, a move to the International League cannot be ruled out.


Angels: Trey Kool, 1B/OF (Nr. 27)
Cabbage was one of the first players in the Minors this year to cross the 20-20 threshold, sweeping his 20th sack on June 17 and crushing his 20th homer five days later. The 26-year-old has up to 28 home runs to his credit (including one in a brief big league cameo) and 31 stolen bases — and he's been caught stealing just three times. The first baseman has long been known for his power, but the speed was a welcome development after stealing 30 bases in his first seven pro seasons combined.

Astros: Jacob Melton, OF (Nr. 1)
number 6Astros-prospect Joey Loperfido (21 HR, 24 SB) enNr. 11Kenedy Corona (22 HR, 29 SB) has already crossed the 20-20 bar, and Melton is pretty close to joining them. Already second in the organization with 40 steals, the 2022 second-round player has 18 home runs in 83 games with certainly enough power to launch two more punches before 2023 is over, especially considering High-A Asheville's batter-friendly reputation.

A’s: Lawrence Butler, 1B/OF (number 4)
Butler started the year at Double-A, and his offensive development quickly showed as he earned a starting spot in the All-Star Futures Game - and later promotions to Triple-A and the Majors. He is approaching his first professional season 20-20 (16 HR, 21 SB) thanks to above-average power (180 km/h maximum exit speed, 68th percentile) and speed (27.6 ft/s sprint speed, 57th percentile) as just a 23 year old old.

Sailors: Jonathan Clase, OR (Nr. 8)
Clase has long been known for his speed — he swept 55 sacks in 107 Single-A games last year and is up to 61 in as many games this year — but he's unlocked more power this year, hitting 18 home runs between High-A and Double -A. The six-foot-tall center fielder is a switch hitter and hits for more power against left-handers (.567 SLG vs. .438), but has more home runs against right-handers this year (11 vs. 8) as he hits the plate nearly four times. has performances hitting from the left.

Rangers: Yosy Galan, OR (Not ranked underTop 30)
The Texas system has some good power types and some good speed types, but the two skills aren't often mixed — at least in 2023. (It's certainly possible that Evan Carter, Wyatt Langford, and Sebastian Walcott could be future 20-20 performers .) For now, Galan represents the organization's best shot at 20-20 this season with 16 home runs and 19 steals between Single-A and High-A. The 22-year-old gets plenty of raw power and decent speed from his 6-foot frame, but his 36.4 percent K percentage at Hickory could hold back his 20-20 chase.


Braves: Braden Shewmake, SS (Nr. 15)
Shewmake probably won't live up to the power (13 hours), but it's worth noting how much better the 2019 first round performs in the second half. Since making aswing adjustment at the end of June, the infielder delivered a .772 OPS and was caught stealing once out of 10 attempts. With one month left of the Triple-A season, Shewmake already has career highs in both home runs and stolen bases (22).

Marlins: Troy Johnston, 1B (Nr. 23)
Johnston performed consistently with the Minors, but this breakout came rather unexpectedly. The Marlins did not add him to their 40-man roster this winter, and no other team selected him in the Rule 5 Draft. Nevertheless, he lowers .311/.406/.581 between Double-A Pensacola and Triple-A Jacksonville with a career-high 23 home runs. Far from a top player with speed well below average, the 26-year-old has used his baserunning acumen to steal 18 bases in 19 attempts.

Mets: Ronny Mauricio, 2B/OF/SS (No. 4/MLB no. 92)
While Mauricio's pursuit concerns provide some insight into his prospect profile, his power has never been questioned as he has contributed 20 home runs in 109 games for Triple-A Syracuse this season. He was also aggressive on the basepaths with 21 steals in 27 attempts, giving him a second consecutive 20-20 season streak in the Upper Minors. He is the only repeated 20-20 performer out of nine to reach these numbers so far in 2023.

Nationals: James Wood, OR (No. 2/MLB no. 7)
The six-foot-tall left-handed slugger has done better in 2023, nearly doubling his 12-homer output from last season to his current total of 23 between High-A and Double-A. He's also nicked fifteen sacks, and with his ability to eat soil off his large frame, twenty stalks should be within reach. Wood's strikeouts are up at Double-A, where he has a .323 OBP, so getting on base will be the number one priority before he can get a green light to steal.

Phillies: Gabriel Rincones Jr., OF (Nr. 10)
The Phillies haven't had a Minor Leaguer win 20-20 since Scott Kingery in 2017, but Rincones has a chance if he can continue his good run at High-A Jersey Shore. Although the 2022 third-rounder was called up to his bat, he actually did most of his base damage (31 SBs), despite only stealing two bags in his last college season. Still, with 15 home runs in 104 games, including six in August alone, he has the strength to reach the milestone.


Brewers: Jackson Chourio, OF (No. 1/MLB no. 2)
Chourio finished just four short of a 20-20 season during his soaring season of 2022. Well, he already has 34. Now he has 18 home runs for Double-A Biloxi, and despite being in a relative cold spell in August sat (.292 through 15 games), he remains a good bet to take the remaining two. With his plus-plus speed and still-burgeoning power, the 19-year-old is as much of a bet as any Minor Leaguer to become a perpetual 20-20 performer in the Majors.

Cardinals: Masyn Winn, SS/2B (No. 1/MLB no. 32)
Like Meadows, the Cardinals called Winn just as he was about to score his 20-20 ticket with 18 home runs and 17 steals with Triple-A Memphis. His speed will certainly translate quickly on The Show, and once he reaches base at a better clip (he's going 5-for-23 with no walks to start his career), those final three steals should come. Winn's power also increased in '23, hitting eight of his eighteen home runs in July alone, but the major league guns are sure to put the pop to the test.

Welpen: Pete Crow-Armstrong, OF (No. 1/MLB no. 12)
Should there be any concern that PCA would be challenged following a promotion to Triple-A Iowa, the 21-year-old has put that fear to rest. He hits .292/.386/.556 with four home runs in 17 games, which is even better than he hit at Double-A Tennessee. It also leaves him two long balls at 20-20 after narrowly missing it last year in his first full pro season (16-32).

Piraten: Liover Peguero, SS (Nr. 8)
Peguero's outstanding season at age 22 between Double-A Altoona and Triple-A Indianapolis earned him a promotion to the major leagues, where he has displayed top speed and above-average strength. Although he batted only .238 in the Majors, five of his 20 hits were home runs, bringing him to 18 this season. Peguero is approaching a career high with 24 steals in 27 attempts, and his sprint speed in the 97th percentile (29.5 ft/s) indicates he has even more baserunning potential.

Rood: Rece Hinds, OF (Nr. 11)
The Reds ranked Hinds 49th overall in 2019 and signed him for a bonus over the slot due to his raw power, and he's finally tapping into that this year with 21 home runs in 396 Double-A at bats. He's also stolen 17 bases in his career, six of them this month alone. One key to the breakaway: Hinds was healthy after missing time over the past two seasons with quad, meniscus and hamate injuries.


D-backs: Jordan Lawlar, SS (No. 1/MLB no. 10)
With 35 steals in 95 games between Double-A and Triple-A, Lawlar has proven to be a constant threat to steal in 2023. He also has 17 home runs, a new career high, and the batter-friendly environment of the Pacific Coast. League (including his home in Reno) will only help his effort to hit 20s by the end of September. Arizona has had one 20-20 performer in each of the past three seasons – Corbin Carroll (2022), Neyfy Castillo (2021), Josh Rojas (2019) – so Lawlar must keep the tradition going.

Dodgers: Chris Newell, OR (Nr. 25)
The Dodgers saw 20-20 potential in Newell when they pulled him from Virginia in the 13th round last year, and he just might pull that off in his first full professional season. He crushed the Single-A Rancho Cucamonga league (.312/.426/.662), though he's back on his feet in the pitcher-friendly Midwest League (.222/.321/.424). He's already 21 to 15 years old, but the 22-year-old hasn't been running much lately after being caught five times in thirteen attempts since his promotion.

Giants: Tyler Fitzgerald, SS (not ranked underTop 30)
Fitzgerald was one of three Giants Minor Leaguers to reach the milestone last year when he hit 20 home runs and stole 21 bases for Double-A Richmond, and is set to do so again in 2023. The 25-year-old stands at 18 years old. -23, and the batter-friendly PCL is a great place to aim for power, so it seems only a matter of time. It is unlikely that the other two Giants who did this last year (Vaun Brown and Grant McCray) will hit enough home runs this season.

Padres: Graham Pauley, 3B/2B (Nr. 11)
Picked last year in the thirteenth round for Duke, Pauley may not have been on many preseason 20-20 prediction lists, and that may still have been true after going deep just four times in 62 games with Single-A Lake Elsinore. But the 22-year-old turned on the power with 16 shots in 45 games for High-A Fort Wayne, and now with 20 steals, he's eclipsed both points. Pauley was part of the large group that moved to Double-A San Antonio this week and will see that breakout pop challenge in a fun way in the Texas League.

Rockies: Jordan Beck, OF (No. 4/MLB no. 88)
The 38th overall pick in 2022 never hit 20 home runs or stole 20 bases in any of his three seasons with Tennessee, but he continued to develop into a well-rounded prospect and is now one of 20 Top 100 prospects with above-average strength and speed numbers . He's 24-17 this season and he's been more aggressive on the basepaths since his promotion to Double-A Hartford, with six steals in seven attempts in 32 games.


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