21 Best Memorial Day Hymns for the Church in 2023 (2023)

Feeling the stress of planning the perfect Memorial Day memorial service on Sunday morning?

It can be a difficult task to find songs that you know your congregation will love for this holiday.

But don't worry, we've put together some of our favorite hymns that are sure to make your ceremony meaningful and uplifting.

21 Best Memorial Day Hymns for the Church in 2023 (1)

21 Best Memorial Day Hymns for the Church in 2023

The power of words can help us remember the dead, honor their lives, and offer comfort in the grief of loss.

If you want to include hymns in your gospel reading that are patriotic favorites, these traditional hymns are perfect for aMemorial Dayemploy.

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  • Patriotic hymns for church services
    • "How Great Art Thou", Carl Boberg - 1885
    • "Amazing Grace," John Newton - 1772
    • "America The Beautiful", Katharine Lee Bates - 1893
    • “Reign Above It All,” Hannah en Paul McClure – Datum 2019
    • "Battle Hymn of the Republic", US Army Band en Soldiers' Chorus - 2009
    • "A mighty fortress is our God", Martin Luther - 1529
    • "Heal Our Country," Jamie Rivera - 2017
    • "My Country Is Yours", Samuel Francis Smith - 1831
    • "Holy Holy Holy", Reginald Heber - 1826
    • "The Star-Spangled Banner," Francis Scott Key - 1812
    • "Abide with Me", Henry Francis Lyte - 1847
    • "God Bless America," Kate Smith - 1943
  • Memorial Day Songs for Contemporary Worships
    • "God Bless the USA," Lee Greenwood - 1984
    • "Born in the USA," Bruce Springsteen - 1984
    • "America," Simon en Garfunkel - 1968
    • "If You're Reading This," Tim McGraw - 2007
    • "Arlington," Trace Adkins - 2005
    • "I drive your truck", Lee Brice - 2012
    • "Some Gave It All", Billy Ray Cyrus - 1989
    • "Star Spangled Banner", Jimi Hendrix - 1969
    • "America the Beautiful", Lee Greenwood - 1992
    • "Eeuwige Vader", The United States Navy Band Sea Chanters Chorus - 2011
21 Best Memorial Day Hymns for the Church in 2023 (2)

Patriotic hymns for church services

All family members, friends and loved ones can sing along with these songs of reflection as they seek God's comfort for the loss of their loved ones.

"How Great Art Thou", Carl Boberg - 1885

Have you ever stopped to really look at the lyrics of "How tall art thou“?

This timeless hymn has a rich history dating back to the early twentieth century.

Carl Boberg, a Swedish pastor, wrote the original version in 1885 after witnessing an intense thunderstorm over the parish.

The poem went through several translations and adaptations over the years until it was finally set to the tune we know today.

It's no wonder this moving and powerful hymn has endured for so long, with its message of praise and gratitude resonating with people of all generations and languages.

"Amazing Grace," John Newton - 1772

Amazing grace' is a timeless hymn that has touched the hearts of many over the years.

John Newton wrote this powerful song in the late 18th century.

We must remember that regardless of our past mistakes or sins, we can find salvation and grace through faith in God.

The song's simple yet powerful melody and lyrics have made it a fixture in churches and other religious settings.

It has also been covered by numerous artists across genres, cementing its place in the canon of American music.

Even after all these years, “Amazing Grace” remains a beautiful reminder of the power of faith and forgiveness.

"America The Beautiful", Katharine Lee Bates - 1893

Katharine Lee Bates, from author van “America the fairwrote a poem that has become one of the most beloved patriotic songs in American history.

Written in 1893, the poem explores the vast and varied landscape of the country, home to millions of people.

Bates' powerful images capture the awe and wonder many Americans feel for their beautiful country.

Her words have been sung by countless voices over the years and evoke a sense of pride and love for America.

"America The Beautiful" remains a timeless tribute to the remarkable beauty of this great nation.

"Reign Above All",Hannah and Paul McClure– Datum 2019

The song "Rule above all” by Hannah and Paul McClure is a powerfully moving piece of music that inspires listeners to look beyond life's challenges to a higher power that rules all.

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Released in 2019, this song has quickly become a fan favorite, with its soaring vocals and rousing melody.

The McClures' lyrics offer a message of hope and encouragement that is much needed in our current times.

Whether you're feeling lost and alone, or just looking for a way to connect with the divine, "Reign Above It All" is a song that will leave a lasting impression on your heart and soul.

"Battle Hymn of the Republic", US Army Band en Soldiers' Chorus - 2009

The sounds of patriotism are clear in "Battle Hymn of the Republic”, a rousing tune that has become an American classic.

And the US Army Band and Soldiers' Chorus bring powerful depth to this already beloved song.

In 2009, their rendition of this iconic piece was captured in a recording that captures all the courage and audacity of the soldiers who have served and continue to fight for our country.

With rousing melodies and lyrics that speak to the heart of America, "Battle Hymn of the Republic" is a must for anyone who loves their country.

"A mighty fortress is our God", Martin Luther - 1529

A mighty fortress is our God' is a beloved hymn that has stood the test of time.

Written by Martin Luther in 1529 at a time of turbulence and religious reformation, the song has become a symbol of strength and faith.

The lyrics describe God as a mighty fortress, a stronghold that never fails, offering protection and salvation to those who trust in him.

Luther's words remind us that even in the darkest of times we can find refuge in God's unwavering love and strength.

Its timeless message continues to inspire generations, making "A Mighty Fortress Is Our God" a classic hymn perfect for singing this Memorial Day weekend.

"Heal Our Country," Jamie Rivera - 2017

In 2017, Jamie Rivera released her new single "Heal our countryand it couldn't have come at a more pertinent time.

Our world experiences constant turmoil, from political unrest to natural disasters, and it's easy to get discouraged.

But through her music, Jamie reminds us that we have the power to heal our country through unity and love.

The song is a beautiful call to action, urging us to come together and make positive change.

As we listen to Jamie's powerful vocals and touching lyrics, we are reminded of the importance of standing together in times of need.

"Heal Our Land" is more than just a song, it's a message of hope and a reminder that we have the ability to make a difference.

"My Country Is Yours", Samuel Francis Smith - 1831

My country is yours” is a beloved patriotic song written by Samuel Francis Smith in 1831.

Known as "America's second national anthem," it is sung in the United States during Independence Day celebrations and other patriotic events.

The simple yet powerful lyrics evoke a sense of national pride and unity, reminding us of the freedoms and opportunities afforded to us as citizens of this great country.

This gift, given to us through the ultimate sacrifice of the men and women who paid the price with their lives.

With its uplifting melody and timeless message, "My Country Tis Of Thee" will continue to inspire generations of Americans for years to come.

"Holy Holy Holy", Reginald Heber - 1826

Holy Holy Holy' is a timeless hymn that has stood the test of time and still speaks to people today.

This powerful hymn has been sung in churches and cathedrals around the world for nearly two centuries.

The lyrics speak of the majesty and holiness of God, and the haunting melody leaves a lasting impression on all who hear it.

Even in modern times, "Holy Holy Holy" remains a staple of many church services, reminding us of the power and glory of the divine.

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Heber may be gone, but his hymn lives on, inspiring generations to worship and praise the Almighty Lord.

"The Star-Spangled Banner," Francis Scott Key - 1812

Francis Scott Key's "The star-studded bannerhas become a symbol of national pride and unity in the United States.

Written during the War of 1812, Key watched as the American flag continued to fly even as British bombs burst into the sky over Fort McHenry.

Moved by the sight, Key penned the iconic lyrics that have been sung at countless events from baseball games to presidential inaugurations.

The song's legacy has endured throughout American history, recognized as the national anthem of the United States in 1931.

This emotional song continues to inspire citizens to honor the country and its freedoms.

"Abide with Me", Henry Francis Lyte - 1847

Stay with me' is a timeless hymn that has resonated with people for generations.

The author, Henry Francis Lyte, wrote the powerful words in 1847, just a few months before his death.

The hymn's message to seek comfort and strength in the presence of God has brought comfort to countless people throughout history.

Even in difficult times, these words remind us that we are not alone and that God is always with us.

As we continue to sing "Abide With Me" today, we are reminded of the enduring power of faith and the comfort it can bring.

"God Bless America," Kate Smith - 1943

God bless America” is a patriotic song that has become synonymous with the United States of America.

It was written by Irving Berlin in 1918, but it wasn't until 1943 and Kate Smith's powerful voice that the song really took off.

Her rendition of the song was a huge success and it has since become an iconic American anthem.

The lyrics evoke a deep sense of pride and gratitude for this great country, and it's no wonder it has been played at countless important events in our country's history.

Whether you're a born-and-raised American or a proud immigrant, "God Bless America" ​​is a timeless classic that unites us all under one banner.

21 Best Memorial Day Hymns for the Church in 2023 (3)

Memorial Day Songs for Contemporary Worships

As my husband searched for Jesus Christ in his life, he noticed one thing that was different in every church.

He discovered that although people's love for God was the same, the way they expressed it was very different.

One of the ways he noticed this difference was in the way churches chose their music.

Whether you're looking for traditional sheet music or something with a more familiar tune, these Memorial Day songs for contemporary worship will bring a sense of unity to your congregation.

"God Bless the USA," Lee Greenwood - 1984

If you've ever had the pleasure of attending a July 4th celebration, chances are you've heard the iconic patriotic anthem "God Bless the U.S.A." have heard. by Lee Greenwood.

This heartwarming song has been a staple of American culture since its release in 1984, always evoking feelings of pride and unity.

Whether driving down a country road or holding hands with friends and family at a bustling city parade, the familiar lyrics, iconic music video and upbeat melody of "God Bless the U.S.A." have a way of bringing us all together.

As we continue to celebrate our country's independence year after year, this timeless tune remains a symbol of hope, resilience and unwavering patriotism.

"Born in the USA," Bruce Springsteen - 1984

If there's one Bruce Springsteen song that's guaranteed to get you singing along, it's "Born in the U.S.A."

Released in 1984, this iconic tune has earned a place in the hearts of millions of Americans.

It's a song that speaks to the American experience, with lyrics that touch on everything from labor struggles to the Vietnam War.

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And let's not forget that unforgettable riff - once you hear it, you'll be humming it for the rest of the day!

All in all, "Born in the U.S.A." is a true classic, and one that never fails to get us pumped up and proud to be American.

"America," Simon en Garfunkel - 1968

What comes to mind when we think of the word "America"?

Perhaps images of the flag, landmarks, or even the bustle of New York City.

But did you know that the concept of "America" ​​has a fascinating history?

The term "America" ​​dates back to the 16th century and was used to describe the landmass discovered by European explorers.

A few centuries later, we fast-forward to the 1960s, and we find the iconic duo of Simon and Garfunkel releasing their song "America."

It's a poignant song that speaks to the restless wanderlust in all of us.

When you listen to the lyrics, you can't help but feel a sense of longing and hope for something different, something new.

The song has become a timeless classic that captures the spirit of the times and continues to inspire generations to this day.

"If You're Reading This," Tim McGraw - 2007

Remember where you were when you first heard Tim McGraw's timeless hit "If You're Reading This"?

This classic country ballad was released in 2007 and quickly became a fan favorite.

But did you also know the story behind this song?

"If You're Reading This" was actually inspired by a fallen soldier's last letter.

McGraw was moved by the soldier's heartfelt words and wanted to pay tribute to him and all of our brave servicemen and women.

The poignant lyrics and powerful melody have been resonating with audiences for over a decade now, and it's easy to see why.

Whether you're a die-hard country fan or just love great music, "If You're Reading This" is a must-listen.

"Arlington," Trace Adkins - 2005

In 2005, Trace Adkins released his hit "Arlington," a tribute to the brave men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice for our country.

The name "Arlington" holds an important place in American military history as it is the location of Arlington National Cemetery.

The cemetery was established during the Civil War and has since become the final resting place for more than 400,000 servicemen and women.

Adkins' powerful lyrics and emotional delivery remind us of the sacrifices made by those who fought for our country and the importance of honoring their memory.

With "Arlington," Adkins left a lasting impact on the country music world, creating a timeless tribute to all who served.

"I drive your truck", Lee Brice - 2012

Imagine: a story of love, sacrifice and loss, all wrapped up in the arms of a popular country song.

That's what Lee Brice's "I Drive Your Truck" represents.

The song is about a man who lost his brother in the war and deals with his grief by driving his brother's truck.

His brother's dog tags hang in the rearview mirror.

The lyrics are raw, emotional and recognizable for anyone who has lost a loved one.

Even if you haven't personally experienced such a loss, the song's strength lies in its ability to make you empathize with the narrator and the pain he feels.

"I Drive Your Truck" has become an anthem for those who have lost loved ones, reminding us of the courage and selflessness it takes to love and serve our country.

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"Some Gave It All", Billy Ray Cyrus - 1989

Few country artists have made such a big impact as Billy Ray Cyrus when he burst onto the scene with his 1989 debut album, Some Gave All.

The album not only cemented Cyrus as a force to be reckoned with in the country music scene, but also introduced a whole new generation of fans to the genre's twangy, heartfelt sounds.

Cyrus' raw talent and undeniable charisma shone on every song, making it clear he was on his way to something big.

Today, "Some Gave All" remains a beloved classic among country music fans everywhere and is a testament to the power of great songwriting and stunning musicianship.

"Star Spangled Banner", Jimi Hendrix - 1969

The history of the "Star Spangled Banner" is fascinating, but perhaps one of the most memorable performances of this iconic song was by legendary guitarist Jimi Hendrix.

In 1969, Hendrix took the stage at Woodstock and performed a rendition of the national anthem that is still talked about today.

His take on the song was bold and exciting, with a distorted guitar sound and lots of improvisation.

Many consider his version a tribute to the rock music scene and its cultural significance at the time.

It's a moment in music we'll never forget and a reminder of just how powerful and enduring the "Star Spangled Banner" really is.

"America the Beautiful", Lee Greenwood - 1992

In 1992, beloved country singer Lee Greenwood released a rendition of "America the Beautiful" that quickly became a hit among Americans.

With its powerful lyrics and moving melody, the song serves as a reminder of the beauty and diversity of our nation.

Greenwood's version in particular has become a staple of major patriotic events and is often played to celebrate the glory and strength of our country.

The history of "America the Beautiful" is a shining example of how music can unite us and inspire us to be proud of our heritage.

"Eeuwige Vader", The United States Navy Band Sea Chanters Chorus - 2011

This beloved tune has been a staple of the Navy for over a century and serves as a comforting reminder to sailors that they are always watched over and protected by a higher power.

The Sea Chanters' rendition of the song is truly thrilling, with their harmonies and powerful vocals capturing the solemn and reverent spirit of the original tune.

It is no wonder that this performance went viral and was watched by millions of people around the world.

As we look back at this historic moment, we can't help but be reminded of the courage and sacrifice of the brave men and women serving our country.

21 Best Memorial Day Hymns for the Church in 2023 (4)

Memorial Day is a special day of remembrance and tribute to and for patriotic members of the armed forces.

So it is important to honor them with prayer songs and melodious songs that reflect the true spirit of this national holiday.

With the selection of these Memorial Day hymns for your church provided here, you can come to appreciate our veterans much sooner by using these symbolic melodies in your own local congregation.

May all Americans gather in peace and respect as we continue to celebrate this important day dedicated to those who fought valiantly and gave their lives in service.

Have a safe and happy Memorial Day to everyone everywhere!

21 Best Memorial Day Hymns for the Church in 2023 (5)

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What hymns are appropriate for Memorial Day? ›

Hymn suggestions
  • America the Beautiful.
  • Battle Hymn of the Republic.
  • Eternal Father Strong to Save.
  • God Bless America (the 1918 lyrics are definitely public domain, the later re-write may be)
  • God of our Fathers.
  • Kneel Where our Loves are Sleeping.
  • My Country 'Tis of Thee.
  • Sleep Sweetly in your Humble Graves.

What is the most famous church hymn? ›

1. Amazing Grace – John Newton, England (1779) Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound / That saved a wretch like me / I once was lost but now am found / Was blind, but now, I see.

What is the most well known hymn of all time? ›

1. 'Amazing Grace'. Published in 1779, this is one of the best-known hymns in the English language, with words by John Newton. Newton became curate of the small parish of Olney in Buckinghamshire (not far north of the modern town of Milton Keynes) and wrote 'Amazing Grace' to illustrate a sermon on New Year's Day 1773.

How do I choose a mass hymn? ›

  1. Step 1: Open your worship planning document. ...
  2. Step 2: Read through all the lectionary texts. ...
  3. Step 3: Make a list of keywords and common themes. ...
  4. Step 4: Search for hymns. ...
  5. Step 5: Add hymns to your worship-planning document. ...
  6. Step 6: Think about creative ways to introduce hymns in worship.
May 5, 2021

What song is sung on Memorial Day? ›

“Arlington” is regarded as a touching and poignant tribute to fallen soldiers, making it a popular choice for Memorial Day commemorations and other occasions when remembering and honoring the military is significant.

What song is associated with Memorial Day? ›

The message of Memorial Day is heard loud and clear in Lee Greenwood's "God Bless the USA." In the 1984 hit, Greenwood belts out, “I'm proud to be an American / Where at least I know I'm free / And I wont forget the men who died / Who gave that right to me” in one of America's favorite patriotic songs.


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